Discover your full potential & realize your dreams... Discover your full potential and realize your dreams...

The Formation gives you a platform to explore  more about that business dream you have, in a conducive and inspiring environment.





The Formation staff shows consideration and respect for others and demonstrates  commitment to professionalism. We demonstrate loyalty, and we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

We boast in perpetual improvement and we strive to create and support an environment in which people are committed to serving and meeting the needs of entrepreneurs.


The Formation offers a socioeconomic business environment in which businesspeople and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.

"We need to create an environment that would drive creativity. Do not be afraid to test new things. We must be creative." - Kofo Akinkugbe
We believe Africa needs enterprise, entrepreneurs and inventors, not just job fillers.
An environment that is aimed at empowering entrepreneurs. An environment that is aimed at empowering entrepreneurs.

Promote the idea that everyone is creative and

that creativity is not just a concept

relegated to the realm of traditional artists but is

much broader and, in fact, at the centre of every human endeavour.

Inspire entrepreneurship and enterprise. Inspire entrepreneurship and enterprise.

Entrepreneurship is creative at its core and needs to continuously employ creative approaches and thinking to reach its highest success. There is some enterprise that does not necessarily have a financial upside yet is life-transforming.


Our contention is that every human being is inherently creative and endlessly so. Our goal is to inspire creativity in individuals on an unprecedented scale. To draw it out and provoke a spirit of inventiveness that leads to tangible results/creations and solutions and ultimately the advancement of communities, countries and continents.